On-Site Residential Furniture

On site residential furniture repair

The state of the furniture in your home speaks volumes about your maintenance routine for them. If they’re damaged and covered in debris, you may be creating the wrong first impression with visitors. You can forget about having to replace the piece of furniture if the frame of these pieces is still in great shape. From structural repairs to a complete reupholstering, you can improve their integrity by hiring a professional service like us for the task at hand. 605 Upholstery LLC is the leading provider of effective repairs to in home furniture in Rapid City, SD, and we’ve been doing it at the highest level for years now.

Restoring Antique Furniture

Instead of replacing old furniture in your home, you can improve their look by reupholstering. Not only will their covers be completely changed for a newly designed look, but necessary repairs will also be carried out in the process. This is especially true in cases where your antique furniture still maintains its sturdy structure which is probably better than many of the new products in the market. Our in-house specialists can help restore your old furniture without compromising their integrity.

Minor Repairs

There are some faults that you may notice in your furniture that do not require reupholstering or replacement. In some instances we can complet repairs if a seam is coming apart or decorative stitching is coming undone. 605 Upholstery LLC comprises individuals that are dedicated to excellence so you can be sure that we’ll have your structures in the best condition in no time all.


Your choice of fabric is important, especially when reupholstering or buying new furniture. The pattern and color selection is necessary to enhance the decor of your home, and blend with your lifestyle. You can decide to go either synthetic or natural fibers depending on whether they’ll be exposed to heavy or light use. Natural fibers like linen, cotton, wool, and leather are great for blending with a wide range of decors in your home. Although, they have specific maintenance needs to ensure they look their best and preserve their quality. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, velvet, and microfiber are also great for reupholstering your antique furniture. You also need to consider the texture especially for sofas and chairs where you’ll sit regularly.

Let Us Help You

605 Upholstery LLC provides exceptional repairs and reupholstering services to our clients in Rapid City, SD. You can rely on our team of experts to repair all kinds of faults in your upholstery to have it looking new again. We’re equipped with high-grade tools and materials for completing work on your residential furniture. If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, then you can call us today. One of our customer care agents will be waiting to speak with you and offer consultation on improving your home upholstery.