On-Site Marine Upholstery

On site marine upholstery

Reupholstering Marine Seats

Most boat seats are covered with vinyl material for its protective characteristics. Over time, they begin to experience wear and tear due to the boat’s exposure to external factors. When this happens, it’s usually necessary to reupholster the seats and the job is best left to a reliable service provider like us. We use UV and mold resistant materials to provide a long-term solution to your marine needs.  We also, in many instances can work on the boat interior in sections at a time to allow our clients to continue to enjoy their watercraft while the work is being completed.


Not all damage requires complete upholstery.  We can complete repairs on stitching and seams that the thread has come undone.  In many cases we can complete these repairs while your boat is on the water.  We also offer recovery of the protective carpet on your boat trailer.  We can complete these services while your family is out on the lake enjoying the day.  Please contact us to complete these convenient services.

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Postponing your upholstery needs can lead to even more damages. It is necessary to tackle faults immediately to keep your boat furniture in pristine form for as long as possible. If you’re looking for a service provider in Rapid City, SD, you can reach out to us.