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Just because you’ve noticed signs of wear and tear in your antique furniture doesn’t mean it’s time for a replacement. It’s even likely that the original frame of your furniture will be of higher quality than the mass-produced alternatives in the market. A reputable company of upholsterers can help improve the appeal of your traditional setting without compromising its structure’s integrity. 605 Upholstery LLC is the top upholstery company in Rapid City, SD, and our in-house technicians are readily available to handle your repair needs. If you notice holes or rips in your car, office, home, or boat upholstery, then you should give us a call. We offer excellent solutions to a wide range of furniture faults and at an affordable rate.

About Us

We are a team of trained experts who are dedicated towards excellence and we employ that approach in everything we do. For years, we have been completing upholstery services in Rapid City, SD. We owe our reputation to the team’s consistent delivery of exceptional results. Our customer service agents are expertly trained to respond to your calls and providing top solutions to your concerns. If you want to find out more about our reupholstering or repair services, you can reach out to us. We offer free consultation and estimates on any task that you may have for us. Our prices are the most affordable for the quality that we bring to the table.

Our Services

We provide upholstery services at your location to improve the appeal and structure of your furniture. We also provide on-site upholstery services for your automotive, marine and commercial needs.

On site vehicle upholstery

On-Site Vehicle Upholstery

We provide car upholstery services to rentals, dealerships, auto shops, and other automotive companies. At 605 Upholstery LLC, we understand how getting into the drivers seat of a vehicle is a persons first and most lasting impression. Whether the vehicle is being sold or part of a fleet, we can offer upholstery services to produce the best impression at an affordable price, with the convenience of completing the work onsite.

On site residential funiture repair

On-Site Residential Furniture

For years now, we have been providing excellent upholstery services to our customers in Rapid City, SD. We always use the best-suited approach for every task that we’re assigned to. Experts can repair different kinds of faults in your furniture and have them looking new. They’re equipped with the required tools and materials for reupholstering your furniture without the hassle of removing the furniture from your home.

“605 Upholstery LLC were able to recover the recliners in my RV, and they did a great job. They used a material that blended with the interior style of the vehicle and changed the old padding for more comfort. Great service, guys” -Toni

On-Site Marine Upholstery

If you’ve noticed your materials are starting to show signs of age in your marine upholstery, then you should have it inspected by pros to determine the best solution available. In many instances we can complete the work while your boat is in the driveway or even, docked at the lake.

On site marine upholstery

On-Site RV Upholstery

Whether it’s your captain seat, pull-out sofas, or reclining chairs, the chairs in your RV are usually designed to maximize space and blend with the decor. Our company provides exceptional services to these types of seats and more, and at a cheap rate. We even help to reupholster this furniture to extend their lifespan and improve the aesthetics of your mobile. Don’t hesitate to call us when you notice faults in your RV upholstery, as we offer high-quality solutions to a wide range of problems.

On site rv upholstery

“They’ve been providing my auto shop with vehicle upholstery services for years now. Their prices are great and they don’t compromise quality for anything” -Michael

On site commercial upholstery repair

On-Site Commercial Upholstery Services

You can improve the decor by reupholstering the furniture of your working place to better attract customers and give it a refreshing look. Also, you can install custom upholstery to display unique styles that are associated with your business. We at 605 Upholstery LLC are expertly trained to improve the original padding and material of your office furniture. We use only high-grade tools to get the job done effectively.

On site upholstery repair

On-Site Upholstery Repair

We at 605 Upholstery LLC are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions to wear and tear in furniture. So feel free to reach out to us if you’ve noticed holes or scruff in your residential, commercial, or marine upholstery and we’ll have it fixed immediately. Our technicians are expertly trained to respond to a wide range of faults with the best-suited solution. If you’re looking to give your antique furniture a new look, we can help you do that at an affordable rate.

“I recommend their reupholstering service. They improved my antique furniture to give it a brand new look without touching the main structure. Good job” -Scottie

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If you want to learn more about our local upholstery services, you can call today. One of the customer care representatives will be waiting to speak with you and offer a free consultation on any of our upholstery services. You can also get a quote for the task at hand, at no extra charge at all. For those contacting us outside regular working hours, you can fill the form on our platform and we’ll respond as soon as possible.